Your membership in National Recall Alert Center demonstrates your proactive approach to risk management and patient safety,  but don’t take our word for it - read what your peers are saying.


Video Testimonials

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Total Quality Management Initiatives

"National Recall Alert Center provides a coordinated approach to identifying and tracking equipment and products which could potentially pose a risk to our patients."                                                                                                                                                        
     J.K. - Assistant Administrator - B.P.C.


"Due to our membership in the National Recall Alert Center, we have been able to streamline our recall/alert program."
     C.F. - Safety Committee - G.M.H.


"Six departments in this facility use your recall alert system.   They rely on this system for pulling defective products.   We have found that we receive information faster by using N.R.A.C. than from the manufacturers."
     B.C. - Purchasing - M.H.W.C.

"National Recall Alert Center is so inexpensive and informative, that I have canceled other recall services and saved my hospital needed funds."
     L.T. - Director of Safety/Security - L.O.M.H


"I find membership in National Recall Alert Center not only to be beneficial, but essential - as it alerts us to recalls and warning that may affect the health and/or safety of our patients, visitors and  personnel."                                                                                                    

     R.C. -Safety Department - M.G.H.

 Compliance Standards and Requirements

"We believe that by maintaining membership in the National Recall Alert Center that we reduce our overall liability exposure in potentially utilizing a defective product or piece of equipment." 

     L.D. - Assistant Administrator - G.T.R.M.C.

"Our membership in the National Recall Alert Center is a great tool to achieve Joint Commission compliance."
    R.J.C. - Safety Officer - W.H.

"On at least one occasion, your bulletin was our only notice of a potentially faulty device."
    M.B. - Director Materials Management - K.D.H.

“I find membership in National Recall Alert Center beneficial not only to me but to my organization as well - because it helps us meet Joint Commission accreditation standards on recall alerts and other safety concerns. It also presented in a well-organized and easy-to-read format.”
    B.V.H., Ph.D. - Safety Officer - M.B.C.I.


"The daily monitoring of all supplies and equipment that are used within this hospital would be a full-time job. With the use of  National Recall Alert Center, we are able to have all departments check every item that could possibly be a problem and within minutes. The time saved by using the system is tremendous - and is dependable enough that other programs are not required. Time is money - and you have definitely saved us a lot! Again, that you for your effective and efficient recall system."
    J.T. - Director, Support Services - U.S.P.H.S.

"Your warning alerts being sent to each department enables us to pull the products immediately to prevent potential danger to our patients. These alerts are reviewed at safety/risk management meetings monthly. Thanks again for a service well done." 
    D.A.-Administrative Director-H.H

"We find National Recall Alert Center Warning Alert system useful in providing a single source of important recall notice information. The alerts go to the departments that may utilize the products and equipment."
    L.D.-Assistant Administrator-G.T.R.M.C.


"The staff and I appreciate the reliable, up-to-date and timely information you provide. Often we have taken appropriate action concerning items that have been listed on teh recall warning alert - well before we receive the manufacturer's recall notice."
    G.M.T. - Chief Executive Officer - C.C.

"The alerts from National Recall Alert Center are received promptly and  are addressed by designated staff in a timely manner. The site is very user friendly and our personal liaison  is quite knowledgable and answers all of our questions quickly. NRAC has met and exceeded our needs and expectations and it also plays a very important part in providing quality care to our patients."
    E.H. - Administrative Coordinator for Compliance and Education - F.H.

"I find the information very helpful and often we receive the recall information from National Recall Alert Center prior to a recall notification form vendors and/or manufacturers. On some occasions this has been advantageous to the hospital."
    G.T. - Purchasing Agent - S.H.

"We have always found these notifications helpful and complete, and they have, on a number of occasions, been our first indication that there was something wrong, or potentially wrong, with a product we were using."
    C.H. - Assistant Vice President - M.P.H.

"Your system is faster than manufacturer's alerts to a recall.”
    B.C. - Purchasing -M.H.W.C.

“The alerts give very descriptive information toward an early warning (often prior to the manufacturers’ notice) of products and product lines that require immediate attention.”
    S.D. - Director Material Management - E.H.


Meet Quality Assurance and Improvement Goals

"The National Recall Alert Center Reports are very helpful. They are precise and to-the-point. The time savings are tremendous!"
    R.W. - Director of Purchasing/Recall Coordinator - O.H.

"Over the past several years we have used the services of National Recall Alert Center and have been very pleased and satisfied. National Recall Alert Center provides recall information in a concise format, and alerts us to issues where we would otherwise not be informed."
    D.V.K.V. - Director Materials Managemen - F.M.L.H.

Why do hospitals value their membership?

"I am more than pleased to state that National Recall Alert Center has offered our facility - at long last - a clear, concise method of tracking and evaluating product recalls."
    M.S. Director Materials Services - S.E.C.H.

"The dashboard is comprehensive but very easy to use. It gives us peace of mind and confidence that all recalls are captured and reported to us.  Thank you for your guidance, training, continued follow-up and support. I know I can count on you for service, support, and patience."
    S.F. - Director of Nurses - A.W.R.S.C.

"Now that I have NRAC and its Triple Alerting Feature, I NO LONGER have to be concerned with not being informed of Class 1 recalls which could lead to patient death. Simply stated, no other organization I've seen comes close to all the features and benefits I am now enjoying with NRAC."
    M.L. - Director of Quality Management - C.H.M.C.

“I have been very pleased with our membership to National Recall Alert Center. It is a great asset to perform my job. It saves a great deal of time. It is up-to-the-minute information. After all, the quicker you know about a recall, the better we can help care for our patients.”
    A.H.-Materials Supervisor-M.M.R.M.C.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say 'Thank You' for your fine service. Our membership in the National Recall Alert Center has been very beneficial in providing continual monitoring of items that have a potential problem or are actually recalled."
    J.T. - Director Support Services - U.S.P.H.S.

"We appreciate National Recall Alert Center so much because valuable, lifesaving information comes directly to us so quickly and easily."
    R.W.-Director of Purchasing - M.H. of N.