National Recall Alert Center's (NRAC) E-CLASS Tracker™ Closed-Loop Alerting & Tracking System is your COMPLETE SOLUTION to your best-practices and standard-of-care quality concerns -- at a remarkably low cost.

"I find membership in National Recall Alert Center beneficial not only to me but to my organization as well -  because it helps us meet Joint Commission accreditation standards on recall alerts and other safety concerns."

                                                                                                                                       B.V.H., Ph.D. - Safety Officer - M.B.C.I

You need NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ Program because it:

  • is a best-in-class product from the most knowledgeable organization of its kind and is based on more than 39 years of specialized experience in issuing product recall alerts from over 7500 manufacturers worldwide.
        • This is important to you because this helps satisfy Joint Commission, FDA and state inspections
  • assures you will receive only active, medical-facility related recall alerts.
        • This is important to you because you will never waste your time being notified of non-hospital, closed, duplicated or redundant recalls.
  • provides an advanced and robust closed-loop tracking system with automatic escalation that allows for intuitive recall management which includes many kinds of reporting, timed escalation and a host of other features.
        • This is important to you because you will be assured of meeting and exceeding any FDA or accreditation requirements and will easily and effortlessly always be prepared for any state, FDA, or accreditation inspection or audit.
  • simplifies, streamlines and fully automates your recall process with a very easy-to-use and uncongested web-based program.
        • This is important to you because it saves you time, improves efficiency and productivity and hours of intensive training are never needed by you or your staff.
  • saves staff time by providing alerts that are specific to your state. 
        • This is important to you because you will no longer have to sort through recalled products that were not distributed to your state.
  • reduces the time you spend on recalls by providing alerts only to contacts preselected by you in the affected realms or areas of your hospital.
        • This is important to you because you will no longer have to spend time forwarding alerts throughout your hospital and then trying to follow-up and track the status of the alerts.
  • makes it impossible to overlook any Class I recall due to the exclusive NRAC triple alerting system.
        • This is important to you because you will know immediately whenever a Class I recall occurs. Therefore, you will improve patient safety and save lives by being able to take immediate action on Class I alerts.
  • provides unparalleled customer support due to the fact that you are assigned your own personal liaison.  A member of our NRAC staff is available to you by phone 24/7/365 for any assistance in researching a product recall and/or accessing our interactive alert system.
        • This is important to you because a recall can occur at any time 24/7/365.
  • collaborates with a network of over 7,500 manufacturers and thousands of participating hospitals. 
        • This is important because it affords you the fastest, most comprehensive, most complete, and most up-to-date recall information available.
  • can fit every hospital's budget.
        • Every hospital now needs an automated recall system with tracking and accountability - why overpay?


"Due to membership in the National Recall Alert Center, we have been able to "stream-line" our recall/alert program."

                                                                                                                           C.F. - Safety Committee - G.M.H.

Optimize your recall process with our QUALITY recall data; concise, accurate, organized, timely:

A computer program is no better than the quality of the data.  With NRAC you are getting the most accurate, complete and timely data from the most experienced recall data retrieval company with over 39 years of experience.  All information contained in the NRAC alert is organized to give you the immediate information you need so that you can rapidly identify and remove the violative product from circulation.


No Time Delay - Receive the most timely alert notifications:

Our entire NRAC organization is unique in that it is dedicated ONLY to gathering and disseminating information on active medical product recalls. There is no faster or more immediate way to receive hospital-related recall alerts.  Members receive Warning Alerts the same day they are issued for Class II/III and immediate, real-time, triple alert notification for all Class I recalls.


Maximize efficiency and save money:

NRAC identifies and prioritizes recalls specifically related to medical facilities and now targets those recalls that are relevant to your state.  You no longer have to sort through pages of recalls to determine which products have been distributed to your state. We are the only service that  exclusively provides active, bona fide, hospital-related recall alerts.  Therefore, you never your waste your time with duplicate recalls, already closed recalls, irrelevant recalls, consumer foods recalls, consumer products recalls, veterinary product recalls, or isolated incident reports that will never become a bona fide recall.  Time wasted can result in delays that are injurious to patients' safety.


Save time and cut your workload 80-90%:

NRAC's E-CLASS service simplifies and streamlines your recall processing with our electronic-interdepartmental communications. You never have to sort through pages of alerts, track down the right person in each department or follow-up with them afterwards.  The E-CLASS Tracker™ is fully automated and alerts are sent directly to individuals that you designate in the areas or realms of the hospital where the product is most likely to be found. You no longer waste time having multiple staff personnel looking for the same product  This saves hours of staff time processing, faxing, emailing, and tracking down the appropriate personnel in each department: NRAC does it for you


Let NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ do the tracking for you with our closed-loop tracking system:

The enhanced E-CLASS system is not just an efficient and timely alerting system, but it is also a fully automated closed-loop tracking system.  NRAC will send out repeated alerts to the designated contact and backup until appropriate action is taken.  If the alert is not acted upon in an expected time frame the alert is escalated to the primary contact in the facility. You no longer need to waste your time forwarding alerts to the appropriate person and then have to follow up to make sure action is taken.  The closed-loop tracking feature not only saves you time but saves patients' lives because an alert will never slip through the cracks and go unacted upon.


Gain access anywhere:

NRAC uses a cloud-based Internet program that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. You are assured of the security and safety of your data which is backed up throughout the day internally and daily externally with multiple layers.

Be prepared with electronic, comprehensive reporting:

Immediately generate complete recall reporting for your hospital whether asked by your hospital administrator or by a state, federal, audit or accreditation inspection. Easily and effortlessly, with the click of a mouse, you can have access to complete, customized, reports and research in the way you handled any recall.

Benefit from our collaborative network: 

Since 1973 we have developed a network of over 7,500 manufacturers and over 4,000 hospitals that collaborate with us to bring you the most accurate and current recall alert information.


Your Role:

Is to determine one individual at your facility who will be your facility's primary contact. The primary contact is responsible for preselecting a contact and a backup contact in each area or realm of the hospital to receive the alerts.  With the assistance of your personal liaison from NRAC, your alerting and tracking system is set up. The system can adapt to your facility whether you are a small hospital, surgi-center, or a multi-hospital system with satellite clinics.  As the primary contact you have instant access to all the alerts and realms to internally monitor the status and handling of the alerts.  NRAC does all the rest: sending out targeted recall alerts to all areas and realms, insuring that all alerts are acted upon in a timely manner, and escalating the alert to the facility's primary contact if no action is taken in a predetermined time.  The goal is that all recalled products found in your facility are removed from use quickly and efficiently, thereby saving patients' lives and reducing your facility's exposure to liability.

It is Important to Understand... 

Due to complicated channels of distribution, suppliers and manufacturers are sometimes unable to identify the end location of their products. This is especially true of products which are sold through dealers. This is but one reason membership in the E-CLASS Tracker™ Warning Alert & Tracking Network is vital. 


To quote Dr. Alexander Schmidt, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, "If a product causes injury, all concerned can be held liable."

You Are Protected:

Lack of essential recall information and lack of tracking can be a serious problem. By taking the initiative to join NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ network, you will be informed of specific lot numbers of those products being recalled, specific manufacturers of the recalled products and specific reasons for the recall.  You will also have the most robust medical recall alerting and tracking system available: assuring compliance and meeting standard-of-care and best practices.

Legal Standpoint...

Your concern and intent to be kept abreast promptly of potentially hazardous and/or defective products is demonstrated by being a network member of the E-CLASS Tracker™ Warning Alert & Tracking Service.

National Recall Alert Center is Unique:

Disseminates ONLY ACTIVE, hospital-related, product warning alerts that can affect you in your state. No other source makes available active product recall alerts at the frequency and speed of National Recall Alert Center. We've never missed an active recall alert  since our inception in 1973.