NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ program is revolutionizing the way medical facilities handle recalls. Moreover, NRAC is instrumental in helping you to remove violative products from the supply chain as rapidly as possible and thereby decreasing your facility's exposure to potential liability.  

National Recall Alert Center is the most experienced company in this field and is backed by 24/7/365 customer support - all for the lowest price. There are no hidden fees.
National Recall Alert Center is the only company that can say that it has never missed an active recall since 1973.   In addition there is no faster alerting and tracking system with automatic escalation.
"Often we have taken appropriate action concerning items because of the recall warning alert - well before we receive the manufacturer’s recall notice.”
G.M.T. - Chief Executive Officer - C.C.


   "National Recall Alert Center is so inexpensive and informative, that I have cancelled other recall service and  saved my hospital needed funds."

                                                                                                             L.T.  - Director of Safety/Security - L.O.M.H.

Let us show you how our system works and can judge for yourself how our E-CLASS Tracker™ is the fastest and most comprehensive service for the lowest cost.

Others felt that they were satisfied with their current way of handling recalls until they came to our demonstration. By coming to our demonstration you can see for yourself the major differences and benefits that distinguish NRAC. In addition you will confirm for yourself that NRAC has the LOWEST price service available!   

Wouldn't it be worth it  to take a few minutes of your time to improve patient safety, decrease your exposure to liability, save time cutting down on 80-90% of your workload, and look at a system that our members say is far superior in many ways and at a significantly lower cost?