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Enhanced Closed-Loop Alerting Service & System

E-CLASS Tracker™ by National Recall Alert Center®

National Recall Alert Center® (NRAC) is the first, federally approved, non-profit, 501(c)3 non-governmental service agency whose ONLY PURPOSE, since its inception in 1973, is to disseminate critical warning alerts and provide compliance to over 4000 member facilities.  NRAC designed our leading-edge, cloud computing E-CLASS Tracker™ in response to our members' needs for a comprehensive, flexibile, easy-to-use, automated recall management system that streamlines the recall process and provides full accountability, tracking, automatic escalation, and customizable reporting.

"The daily monitoring of all supplies and equipment that are used within this hospital would be a full-time job. With the use of  National Recall Alert Center, we are able to have all departments check every item that could possibly be a problem and within minutes. The time saved by using the system is tremendous - and is dependable enough that other programs are not required. Time is money - and you have definitely saved us a lot! Again, thank you for your effective and efficient recall system."

J.T. - Director, Support Services - U.S.P.H.S.

Benefits as reported by our members:
NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ is a highly robust, closed-loop, alerting and tracking system with full accountability and custom reporting capabilities.  Hospitals constantly report that they save time, maximize efficiency, and improve patient safety with NRAC's E-CLASS Tracker™ program.  In addition, they especially like the fact that the E-CLASS Tracker™:

is intuitive, easy to use, and our members report that can learn the entire platform in minutes, so there is no intensive training necessary.

is fully automated therefore cutting manual workload by 80-90%.

improves productivity by simplifying and streamlining the recall process.

has a proprietary fail-safe triple alerting feature so that a Class I recall can never be missed.

is flexible and customizable enough to serve a 20 bed hospital as well as the largest multi-hospital alliances with satellite clinics.

is a very robust tracking system with automatic escalation assuring that a recall will never slip by uncompleted.

provides complete audit trail and custom reporting, so that hospitals are always prepared for any surprise audit or accreditation inspection.

is responsive with  24/7/365 customer service.

is most affordable

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 "I am more than pleased to state that National Recall Alert Center has offered our facility- at long last - a clear, concise method of tracking and evaluating product recalls."
                                                                                                                             M.S. Director Materials Services - S.E.C.H


You need NRAC's  Enhanced Closed-Loop Alerting System & Service (E-CLASS Tracker™) - a fully automated, robust alerting and tracking system - because times have changed:
  • the number of product recalls has increased explosively.
  • the Government Accountability Office (GAO) report exposed a number of major gaps in the current recall process.
  • the FDA has increased its scrutiny of hospitals' handling of product recalls and patient safety.
  • hospital's accreditation may be jeopardized if your facility does not have a compliant recall policy with tracking and accountability.



In the last two reported years, NRAC has reviewed the
above number of recalls affecting medical facilities.